Do you ever look at your travel bucket list and wish you could expand it to include, hmm I don't know, the Moon? Me too. I wish I could plan a trip like that but so far, I can't. What I can provide is the most meticulously crafted, detail oriented, off-the-beaten path, epic trip you have ever experienced. It's you, me and just a couple more adventurers on an exclusive trail through jungles, and canyons, and beaches, that you won't ever stop talking about. I can't promise you the Moon, but I promise when you get home, you won't look further than what I'm offering for your next adventure.

Multi-Sport Adventure, Hiking & Canyoneering Zion National Park


  • All-Inclusive Adventures: Round-Trip Transportation, Backpacking Gear, Backpacking Food & Lodging Included

  • Adventures start from my location in Brooklyn, NY, usually departing on Friday evening and returning Sunday evening 

  • Focused on hiking through the most scenic mountain ranges of the Northeast, including, but not limited to, the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York, the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire

  • 1st night lodging is usually in a hotel or B&B in a picturesque town

  • 4-person tents are used for backcountry camping with flexible sleeping arrangements possible

  • Participants must be in adequate physical condition to complete the hiking route stated in the itinerary

Multi-Sport Adventure, Hiking & Canyoneering Zion National Park


  • Focused on hiking through the scenic, wilderness areas our Planet has to offer, often enhanced by witnessing dramatic sunrises and sunsets

  • Lodging-Based (accommodations in lodges, hotels, inns, etc.) with flexible sleeping arrangements

  • Guided excursions may include mountain biking, canyoneering, ATVing and more depending on region

  • Participants must be in shape to do hikes rated as "moderate" (ex., ~10 miles on a relatively flat trail)

  • Require shared driving responsibilities in SUVs with 4 to 6 people in each*

Private Adventure, Backpacking Yellowstone National Park


  • No age restrictions, the only requirement is a desire to explore the outdoors

  • Available on request (at least 1 month advance notice required)

  • Customized for groups of 3 to 11 people

  • Trip lengths can range anywhere from local day trips, all the way up to 3 weeks

  • There is no restriction on travel destinations (new destinations require 2 months advance notice)

  • Can include specific activities such as multi-day rafting excursions, backpacking trips and heli-skiing

Winter Adventure, Skiing the European Alps


  • Focused on skiing & snowboarding at the most picturesque, world-class resorts

  • All abilities are welcomed, no prior experience with skiing and/or snowboarding is required

  • Lodging-Based (accommodations in lodges, hotels, inns, etc.) with flexible sleeping arrangements and amenities typically including ski-in/ski-out access, outdoor hot tubs, etc.

  • Guided excursions can include paragliding, ice climbing, snowmobiling or whatever else may be suitable for the winter season and the specific region

Photography Adventure, Astrophotography in Monument Valley


  • Available on request (at least 1 month advance notice required)

  • Customized for photographers looking for an efficient trip focused on landscape photography with numerous photo ops (3+/day); locations are planned with an extreme attention to detail

  • Option of purchasing the services of an experienced photographer for the duration of the trip which makes this a complete Photography Workshop experience

  • Guided excursions of various kinds can also be implemented upon request

*Exceptions can be made for those who are uncomfortable driving an SUV or without a valid driver's license. This applies to all tours except local all-inclusive backpacking and photography adventures.