• For what type of people would you recommend these trips?

The Adventures are for anyone looking for an active vacation, whether you're a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or it's your first time trying a new form of travel.

  • What kind of gear do I need for a trip like this?

Surprisingly nothing fancy or specialized, the most important stuff you need is a pair of hiking shoes and a small backpack (daypack) that you will be comfortable hiking with. Other than that, I provide a detailed checklist shortly after booking.

  • Do you organize local day or weekend trips?

Local trips are currently available on request as Private Adventures and I will be introducing them regularly in the Spring of 2018.

  • What exactly are the Private Adventures you offer?

Private Adventures can encompass practically any form of outdoors experience. A group of 3 to 11 people can request me to take them on the same exact trip I did 2 months prior for example. It can also be a multi-day backpacking trip, or a local 1-day hiking trip to The Catskills, along with many more possibilities. Whatever may be up your alley, feel free to ask about the details.

  • Do Private Adventures cost more?

I actually have the same pricing for a Private Adventure as I would for one of my scheduled Multi-Sport Adventures. However, this pricing is based on at least 7 people going on a trip, if there are 6 people or less, the price will increase to make up for the empty seats.

  • Do you charge a single supplement?

Unlike most other travel companies, I do not. I don't think someone should pay steep fees for joining a trip alone and the setup of my trips allows for fair pricing in which every member of the group pays the same amount.​ However, it is possible to have a separate room or special arrangement on request and this would require an extra fee.

  • How do you have so many amazing pictures?

This is an ode to the planning that goes into each Adventure to find those off-the-beaten spots, as well as the photographers that like to join the tours (partly for the numerous epic photo ops). Photos from our travels have actually been featured in publications such as Backpacker Magazine and used by the Offices of Tourism of Utah, Montana, Florida, Nevada.. etc. for their own promotional purposes.

  • What can we expect with shared driving responsibilities?​

On average, I'd say you should expect to drive an average of around 1 hour/day on any of these trips. With 4-6 people in each car, there's even days when you don't have to drive at all as it wouldn't be practical to switch so often.

  • Why do you include water on most of your trips?

I believe this is a good way to help make sure everyone stays hydrated, healthy and happy. I keep several gallons of water in the cars at all times and encourage everyone to take a surplus on each hike or activity, I bet this avoided a bunch of cramps!

  • What do we eat during the trip?

My only rule is that we avoid chain restaurants when abroad. Often times, I know of establishments that are worth visiting for their exceptional culinary experience. Other times, we do a quick selection of what type of food we would like to eat on the go. We rarely eat at expensive restaurants so a big budget for food isn't necessary.

  • What do you mean when you say the Adventures are Lodging-Based?

This simply means that we sleep in normal lodging such as hotels, instead of camping/backpacking in the outdoors (these options are possible on a Private Adventure).

  • What type of accommodations can I expect on the trip?

We always sleep in highly rated accommodations (with at least an 80% rating and ideally 90%+) and they include hotels, inns, National Park lodges, etc. I avoid all hostels, airbnb's and anything of low quality.

  • How physically demanding are these Adventures?

The toughest hike on my Adventures is usually rated as moderate or difficult (on the easier side). You can expect to do a few uphill hikes and an average of 4-6 miles a day. Hikes are usually the most physically demanding activity whereas the excursions are added for pure adrenaline.

  • Who are my Adventure companions?

You will find this out during the group orientation I organize about 2 weeks before the start of each trip (beer included).

  • Are airport transfers included?

Luckily, on my trips, there is no need for this. We leave whatever airport we land at in the comfort of our SUVs and keep them until the end of the trip at which point we leave them at the airport.

  • Can I join a tour late or leave it early? 

Unfortunately, this is usually not an option since we leave the airport's vicinity right after landing and most often there is no option of getting back. Please inquire regarding specific tours since there are exceptions to this rule. ​​