Dates: November 16 - 25, 2018

Country: Iceland

Maximum Trip Capacity: 7 people

Age Range: 18 - 34


This Adventure is currently SOLD OUT.

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Itinerary :

Day 1: Good Morning "Góðan Daginn", Iceland

Leaving Keflavik Airport after an early morning arrival, our first activity is a short sunrise hike. From the mini summit, expansive views of Reykjavik, Faxafloi Bay and Mt. Esja emerge as the sun peeks over the mountains. Next, we leave the capital behind and drive into our first fjord of the trip, where we will find a secluded waterfall. We end the day relaxing in geothermal baths, think upscale spa version of the Blue Lagoon, entry included. While we soak in the hot tubs that night, we may just get lucky and see the Northern Lights dancing above us.

Day 2: Mystical Peninsula

Today, we head straight for Iceland’s most diverse peninsula. Sights include a glacier capped volcano, an iconic church, cliffs, lighthouses, beaches and more. Our lodging for the night will be situated in prime position for an epic photoshoot, close to where the event photo was taken. If the Northern Lights appear, it’ll be beyond epic. If not, we never give up on the hunt throughout the tour, every day is a possibility to see them.

Day 3: Picturesque Fishing Town

Heading towards the Ring Road, we have a bit more driving to do today to reach what may be Iceland’s most picturesque fishing town, situated in a deep fjord. Along the way, stops include a spectacular rock formation, a local brewery and getting to soak in geothermal waters again, this time in natural hot tubs overlooking the Arctic Ocean.

Day 4: Majestic Fjord

Driving down a scenic road along Iceland’s longest fjord, we pass through the 2nd largest city of the country, often referred to as “The Capital of Northern Iceland”. Sites after this city include Yellowstone-like geothermal areas, a thundering waterfall and a pristine cave you may have seen in “Game of Thrones”. To cap this day off, an optional soak in a geothermal pool under the starry night sky.


Day 5: Iceland’s Loch Ness Monster & Eastfjords

Heading around the eastern half of this icy island, we soon find ourselves by a lake which is home to Iceland’s version of Loch Ness. We then enter the Eastfjords, which should be the most spectacular piece of coastline that we witness on this tour. Several interesting, off-the-beaten-path gems will be explored throughout the day.


Day 6: Ultimate Glacier Experience

A visit to Iceland in November wouldn’t be complete without getting to experience the beauty of a glacier ice cave. Just to make sure we get our dose of adventure today, this will be a full-day combination of 3 activities, guided by a local tour company. This includes: a drive to the tongue of Europe's largest glacier via “SuperJeep”, a hike over the surface of the glacier and finally, the outlandish blue glacier ice cave itself. We then return to the same lodging from the night before.

Day 7: Diamonds, Planes & Waterfalls

To start the day off, we catch sunrise on a beach filled with iceberg deposits which give the appearance of diamonds in the reflecting sun. Continuing on our loop of Iceland and heading back towards the capital, we get to explore Iceland’s most recognizable waterfalls, as well as a beach with a wrecked plane. By evening, we will have completed our grand route; it’s now time to head out into town and immerse ourselves in the local culture.

Day 8: Free Exploration Day

Our full day in Reykjavik is one of many options. This is your chance to go on any excursion you wish, such as a helicopter flight over the glaciers and volcanoes of the icy island, guided ice climbing (me!), or more.. all optional excursions can be arranged by me. Of course, exploring more of the capital city or heading to nearby Blue Lagoon are also options. Reconvening back at our lodging later in the day, it’s now time for a farewell party, happy hour starts at 3 PM here!

Day 9: Farewell, Iceland

Chances are we’ll be getting up a bit later today. Packing up, we return to the airport in the daylight hours. Along the way, we will get to see the lava fields and volcanoes that were in the darkness on the first day. Unforunately, we eventually reach the airport.

Farewell, Iceland!

Tour Price Includes:
•8 Nights Lodging
•2 SUV Rentals

•NYS Certified Hiking Guide, Olivier Smolinski

•Highway Tolls & Parking Fees

•Park Entrance Fees

•Car Fuel Expenses

•Natural Hot Tubs

•Natural Geothermal Baths & Spa

•Full-Day Triple Combination Tour w/ Local Expert Guide:

SuperJeep Ride

Guided Glacier Hike

Glacier Ice Cave Exploration

•Drone Footage
•Headlamps (Tour Use)

•Microspikes (Tour Use)

Tour Price: $1645

Deposit: $750 required to reserve your spot

Tour Price Does Not Include:

•Flight to/from Reykjavik, Iceland (~$360)


•Day 4 Optional Excursion

•Day 8 Optional Excursion(s)

•Medical Insurance of Any Kind

•Tips for Guides


Conditions permitting, we will go on 3 lengthier hikes during the tour, difficulty rating is moderate.


This tour requires shared driving responsibilities, executing this itinerary consists of a team effort where everyone pitches in equal amounts.*



Accepted payment methods are Credit Card, Venmo, QuickPay, PayPal or Cash.

A $750 deposit is required to lock in your spot, if for any unexpected circumstance you can’t make it, the deposit can be applied to any future tour if you notify me at least 4 weeks prior to scheduled departure. The other $895 is due 4 weeks before the start of the tour. With 4 weeks remaining, the $750 deposit becomes non-refundable while the $895 can be applied to any future tour until 1 week before scheduled departure. If cancelling within 1 week of scheduled tour departure, no trip costs can be refunded.

All participants shall be required to sign waivers of liability prior to participation in this Adventure.

Note on Itinerary:
Although I do my very best to adhere to the tour schedule, the itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond my control (weather conditions, road/trail closures, etc.).

Iceland's winter storms are brutal and can easily halt the itinerary at any point in time. On the opposite hand, if we get lucky with a mild winter, I may add places to the itinerary. There is a 50% chance that we will be stopped by a winter storm at least once during the tour, we may also be stopped several times.

The Northern Lights are never a guarantee, we have about a 60% chance of seeing the Northern Lights on this tour. Having said that, not many people get a better chance of seeing them than the guests of this Adventure, a custom planned 9 day journey through Iceland in November.

*Exceptions can be made for those who are uncomfortable driving an SUV or without a valid driver's license.




"Olivier’s Trails is a truly unique travel experience. Olivier's passion for the outdoors and adventure is reflected in his thoughtfully crafted itineraries. From the local culinary experiences, thrill inducing activities, to details such as timing to catch the sunset at some of the most magnificent peaks in the world, Olivier’s attention to detail and overall preparation is reflected in the day to day of his trips... The 10 day European Alps ski trip Olivier crafted is one I’ll never forget. Highly recommend to those looking to experience the world through the lens of the outdoors."


Chelsea, New York

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Glendale, New York

"Olivier organizes thorough itineraries and takes the hassle of planning, logistics and research away so you just need to fly to your destination and enjoy your time. He'll take you off the beaten path and show you an active vacation in a way you most likely haven't experienced before, all while sharing a ton of knowledge with the group throughout the adventure. Each day is packed with adrenaline-filled activities and after your tour is over, you will surely be coming back for more. Highly recommended!"


Greenpoint, New York

"Olivier provided the most unique and adventurous way to enjoy the beauty Costa Rica has to offer. Rather than going on the typical tourist excursions, we were immersed into the local atmosphere in every way possible. From surfing, to rappelling waterfalls, each and everyday was its own extraordinary adventure.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience. I truly felt I was living my best life in Costa Rica!



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