Previous Adventures

Please be assured that the below descriptions are only a fragment of what we see on an Adventure as explaining in more detail would result in carpal tunnel syndrome. For Private Adventures, I am able to put together a custom itinerary for any of these regions of the world with 1 month advance notice.

  • American Southwest Multi-Sport Adventure

States: Arizona, Nevada & Utah

Adventure Highlights: One of my 2 personal favorite trips in the Lower 48. National Parks on this tour are some of the best in the country a.k.a. Grand Canyon and Zion. Thrill-inducing activities include a guided canyoneering excursion, something Zion is renowned for internationally. We also spent 1 full day on a private boat rental on Lake Powell, one of the most beautiful lakes on the Planet; the motorboat is used as a means of transportation to get to the enormous and remote Rainbow Bridge (cliff jumping along the way is an option too). Activites such as ATVing in the Utah desert and flying a helicopter into Supai to explore Havasu Falls are also patron favorites. 

Zion National Park
Desert Waterfall
Valley of Fire State Park
Zion National Park
ATVing in the Utah Desert

Adventure Highlights: This is the perfect tour for a hot summer week or fall foliage. Shenandoah National Park contains trails lined with gushing waterfalls all throughout, a lot of which have hidden swimming holes for those 90+ degree summer days. Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding area provide the most stunning views from the highest peaks in Eastern North America. Other points of interest include caves and historic towns in West Virginia. As an added bonus, the close proximity means Adventures starting in New York City don't require a flight; instead, we can drive there in a few hours time.

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Luray Caverns

  • Blue Ridge Adventure

States: North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia & West Virginia

  • Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure

Provinces: Alberta & British Columbia

Adventure Highlights: This mountain range contains the highest concentration of Canadian world-class ski resorts. Lake Louise offers some of the most spectacular scenery in North America as well as lodging options that include Canada's jaw-dropping Grand Railway Hotels. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has my favorite skiing terrain on Earth thus far and Revelstoke's massive vertical drop ensures your legs give out before you reach the base of the mountain. Additionally, there are several other ski resorts in the region that are more than visit worthy and will be rotated into future tours.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
Lake Louise Ski Resort
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
Kinbasket Lake
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

  • Colorado Plateau & Great Basin Multi-Sport Adventure

States: Arizona, Nevada & Utah

Adventure Highlights: National Parks Galore. This adventure contains all of Utah's "Mighty 5" National Parks as well as the remote and seldom visited Great Basin National Park in Nevada. The latter is home to the oldest species of life forms on Planet Earth, the mysteriously shaped Bristlecone Pine. All of Utah's parks have something unique and special about them, including one of the best spots for sunrise in Canyonlands and mountain biking in Moab, "The Mountain Biking Capital of the US". Other favorites included a lucky draw in the lottery for 6 out of 10 daily permits to hike to the petrified sand dunes seen on the page background and a soak in a volcanic crater offering the only warm water scuba diving in the USA.

Capitol Reef National Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Arches National Park
Geothermal Hot Springs
Monument Valley

  • Costa Rican Multi-Sport Adventure

Country: Costa Rica

Adventure Highlights: Costa Rica has to be the Adventure Capital of Central America. While planning out this tour, I couldn't decide which activities to include and which to leave out, but all of them lived up to our expectations and beyond. If ziplining above the cloud forests on cables half the width of Manhattan wasn't enough, the jungle canyoning excursion a few days later gave everyone a complete dose of adrenaline. Every day was packed with uniquely different activities and scenery, including beach towns, rainforest spice plantations and cave tours. This one's a keeper, definitely heading back.

Jungle Waterfalls
Costa Rica's #1 Waterfall
Surfing Lessons
Mountain Biking
Jungle Canyoning
Paragliding in Mürren, Switzerland
Beatenberg, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Beatenberg, Switzerland

  • European Alps Winter Adventure​​

Countries: Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg & Switzerland

Adventure Highlights: A Grand Tour of the fabled, picturesque Alps. I designed this Adventure to include an experience in each of the 4 main "Ski Nations" in Europe. In Italy, we had the chance to witness the stunning spires of the Dolomites at the largest ski resort in the world. Austria's Tirol region came through on it's snowy reputation and delivered a couple feet of powder right before our arrival. We spent the most time in Switzerland where we paraglided our way through the Valley of the 72 Waterfalls and slept in Zermatt under the shadow of the iconic Matterhorn. To top it all off, I hired a backcountry guide to escort us safely through France's Vallée Blanche, which at 20km, is the longest lift-served descent on Planet Earth. 

  • Golden Coast Multi-Sport Adventure

State: California

Adventure Highlights: The coastline of California is one of the most diverse and scenic around. Channel Islands National Park offers some of the top sea kayaking and wildlife viewing opportunities in our country. Highway 1 down Big Sur is a spectacularly scenic route, so to slow down the travel time, I rented electric fat bikes allowing us to better soak in all the scenery. A unique point of interest was a remote Japanese Monastery located in the middle of a dense forest, offering hot springs and other therapeutic services. In the future I am planning to combine the best of this and the Sierra Nevada Adventure into 1 epic journey.

Joshua Tree National Park
San Diego, California
Pinnacles National Park
Big Sur
Napa Valley

  • North Cascades Adventure

State: Washington

Adventure Highlights: Washington has to be the most underrated state when it comes to scenery. On the 1st day, while hiking up to a mountain summit for sunrise, we could hear the massive glaciers shifting and cracking on the slopes of Mt. Rainier. The North Cascades within their namesake National Park have the well deserved nickname, "The American Alps", as they are just as jagged as their counterparts in Europe and even contain some of the tallest waterfalls in the world. The Bavarian style town of Leavenworth looks like something out of a fairy tale and the sunset dinner experience we had on a vineyard overlooking Lake Chelan cannot be overlooked.

Ross Lake National Recreation Area
Leavenworth, Washington
Palisades, Washington
Mount Rainier National Park
Mount Rainier National Park

  • Northern Rockies Multi-Sport Adventure

States & Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Utah & Wyoming 

Glacier National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Whitewater Rafting the Salmon River
Grand Teton National Park

Adventure Highlights: This tour covered the largest distance of any Adventure I've done to date. We had the chance to see everything from the geysers and wildlife of Yellowstone, enormous lava fields at Craters of the Moon and the craggy peaks in the Sawtooth Range of Idaho. Sporty activities included kayaking the world-class Salmon River as well as fly fishing in Big Sky Country a.k.a. Montana. I found my favorite hotel to date on this tour, which looked more like a green castle surrounded by the majestic scenery of Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • Pacific Northwest Multi-Sport Adventure

States: Oregon & Washington

Adventure Highlights: The Pacific Northwest in June is a nature lover's paradise. The forests were thriving with life and so vibrantly green it was almost beyond comprehension. The whitewater rafting, always a group favorite, was the best I've encountered yet while rock climbing in Oregon was more physically demanding, yet rewarding, than anyone expected. We even had a private tour of the first brewery in Portland and a hike through a muddy, temperate rainforest to one of the most remote beaches in North America for sunset.

Swimming Hole.. somewhere in Oregon
Henry M. Jackson Wilderness
Rock Climbing in Smith Rock SP
Whitewater Rafting the White Salmon
Olympic National Park

  • Sierra Nevada Multi-Sport Adventure

State: California

Yosemite National Park
Lake Tahoe
Mojave Desert
Yosemite National Park
Remote Hot Springs.. somewhere in CA

Adventure Highlights: Home to the most extreme changes in elevation on the continent, the weather was all over the place on this exciting trip. Starting off with some peaceful kayaking down the tranquil shores of Lake Tahoe, we couldn't believe how crystal clear the water was. Temperatures dipped a bit once we headed south, but to our luck the next stop was a soak in a hot spring with gorgeous views for sunrise. Heading west, high into the Sierra Nevada Range, we quickly found ourselves hiking through waist deep snow.. in September!! Yosemite lived up to it's reputation for marvelous scenery, easily going toe to toe with Zion, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Parks. To thaw off a bit, we headed through infamous Death Valley where temperatures quickly soared past 100 degrees, frying us in Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America.

Dry Tortugas National Park
Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park
Biscayne National Park
Miami Beach, Florida

  • South Florida Multi-Sport Adventure

State: Florida

Adventure Highlights: By far the most underrated region in the United States for adventure travel, there's a lot more to South Florida than Miami Beach (even though we definitely spent some time there as well). Heading down The Florida Keys in our BMW convertibles, we quickly ran out of road and hopped into seaplanes to access the most remote National Park we have, Dry Tortugas. The flight surpassed our expectations as we could see everything from dolphins, sharks, turtles and stingrays swimming in the coral reefs below. Other highlights included canoeing down a water trail in The Everglades through a swamp filled with American Alligators as well as a private boat rental, which we used to access snorkeling spots by sunken shipwrecks in Biscayne National Park.

  • White Mountains Adventure

States: Maine & New Hampshire

Adventure Highlights: Another perfect fall foliage destination. The drive up to the summit of Mt. Washington, home to some of the strongest winds on Earth, made us feel like we weren't on the East Coast anymore as we quickly ascended above treeline. We scoured the entire region, utilizing some challenging trails to access waterfalls and hiking to viewpoints that afforded us views of leaves turning red, golden, orange & magenta as far as the eye could see. No visit to this region would be complete without seeing a few covered bridges and maple farms. Just like the Blue Ridge Adventure, this tour can be accessed from New York City without the need of a flight.

Mount Washington
Crawford Notch State Park
Covered Bridge
New Hampshire Fall Foliage
Wildcat Mountain